CBRE Services :: Property Management
CBRE Richard Ellis Malaysia’s Property Management Services maximise property value by facilitating an efficient transition, lowering operating costs while maintaining high service levels and providing accurate, timely accounting and reporting. We do this by overseeing every aspect of the property, including routine maintenance work, strategic planning, financial analysis, operational analysis and market positioning of the property.

Our services include Property Engineering & Preventative Maintenance, Accounting & Financial Reporting, Human Resources, Recruitment & Training
of Property Management Staff, Value enhancement, Energy Management, Safety Programmes, Security & Cleaning Management, Consultancy Services including Design, Advice & Property Management Audits and Compliance.

A well maintained and managed building is key to ensuring its marketability and ultimately providing maximum return of investment to its owner. The goal of CB Richard Ellis Property Management team is to provide our clients with the highest level of service for their properties. Our team of experts are committed to maximise the value of our client’s real estate asset. Their unsurpassed technical and industry knowledge of the local market coupled with widely renowned consultative approach is definitely an asset to our clients in ensuring a well managed property.