Workplace Strategy


At CBRE, we fully believe that any space has the potential to be turned into a competitive advantage. For this to happen, the workplace must be designed around the specific needs of each company.

This means that first and foremost, we start by understanding your business, what it stands for and its strategic goals. We then work together to design and implement the best Workplace strategy for you, one that will allow you to fully optimise your space and create just the type of workspaces that you need. We improve the productivity of your employees and ensure your space becomes a key element of your business.

Occupancy Management


Many companies are embarking on transformation plans designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs. However, by simply managing and monitoring space effectively, companies can make considerable savings and increase efficiency.

We offer you a professional team of specialists that will provide you with all the information you need to gain a robust understanding of how your spaces are being used. You will have access to a detailed and up-to-date database and we will implement processes to track space demand; you will also have access to occupancy reports and we will define and analyse your main KPIs.

Change Management


Any company or cultural transformation that requires people to significantly change a particular aspect of their life or work must be managed very carefully, even more so if these changes will affect a person’s daily routines, such as: a new headquarters, a change in office layout or the introduction of flexible new ways of working that encourage teamwork.

We help you reduce the time required to accept changes by providing you with a team of experts that will help you identify the resistances within your company, manage expectations in order to guarantee acceptance of the change and minimise risks (costs, delays, loss of commitment from employees, reputation, etc.).

We also work with you to draw up a customised communications strategy and action plan, designed to turn your employees into the very best ambassadors of change.

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