The linear way of operations in the real estate universe is now quickly being replaced by innovation in space designation and management which is increasingly taking the form of hybrid models – be it at the workplace or in the warehouse.


  • Office:
    • Occupiers are likely to focus more on integrating traditional leased spaces, remote working options and flexible working options in their RE portfolios.
    • Technologies such as touchless gadgets, mobile apps that aid in navigation, collaborative platforms and Proptech are expected to gain further ground.


  • I&L:
    • Demand for quality, well-connected and tech-enhanced assets, especially those developed by prominent players, is likely to grow across India.
    • Occupiers are now adapting a modern, networked supply chain mechanism that focuses on resilience, near-shoring, sustainability and agility.


In this report, we present CBRE’s view on how these two sectors have evolved so far against the backdrop of COVID-19, and what could be the way forward for them.