The market has changed dramatically. Uncertainty is causing the majority of occupiers to reconsider their future accommodation strategies. Landlords are responding with a more flexible approach designed to attract and retain tenants. And for those who want to move, there’s is a lack of grade A office space in the market. How will all these factors influence the pattern of occupation in the long term?


In this report, we analyse the post-relocation decisions of forty of our occupier clients who have each gone through a ‘stay or go’ decision in recent years. We explore the key drivers behind their choices and reflect on the results of the decisions they made.


The occupiers were asked to weigh up the risks and opportunities they saw as determining factors in a decision to stay or go and consider, in addition, the process they followed to set specific goals and outcomes. We looked at a number of factors, things like:

-Occupiers’ desire to refresh their brand

-The influences on attracting and retaining talent

-Culture and how that might be changed

-Improved collaboration and new working methods

-The opportunities to reduce operational expenditure